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Before you sign up for this course, it is important to have some basic electrical experience before you sign up.

By purchasing this course and following the simple quizzes, you will have the sufficient tools and knowledge to cover 99% of pipe Heat Tracing applications.

I would recommend you preview the Preface and Pre-requisites before you commit to purchase this course.

If you wish to become a Heat Tracing Specialist, then it is highly recommended that you move on to Level 2 of this course.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Heat Tracing Design - Level 1

    • Preface and Pre-requisites

    • What is Heat Tracing?

    • Types of Trace Heating

    • Quiz 1

    • Heat Tracing Standards

    • Typical Applications and Markets

    • Steam Tracing

    • Electrical Heat Tracing

    • Self Regulating Cables

    • Zoned Power Limiting Cables

    • Zoned Constant Wattage Cables

    • Principles of Heat Loss

    • Heat Loss from a pipe

    • Series Cable

    • Heat Losses at fittings

    • What is the 'k' factor

    • Quiz 2

    • What is the Safety Factor for?

    • Trace Heating System Design

    • Control Systems

    • No Control

    • Ambient Control

    • Surface Sensing Thermostat

    • Hazardous Area Design

    • Selecting a cable

    • Matching the Heat Loss

    • Maximum Circuit Lengths

    • Using Multiple Passes of cable

    • Ancillary Equipment

    • Example Systems

    • The End

    • Final Quiz